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Organisations tend to focus more on getting people through the door; or out of it; than in managing those crucial first few months effectively. A clear; detailed and effective induction and probation review process is essential in making sure that your recruit not only feels welcome; but also has the skills and competence to do the job you have appointed them to do. Do your people pass their probation with time served alone; or do you practically assess their conduct and performance before confirming them in post? We often speak to clients about problems they’re having and one of the recurring questions we end up asking is… ‘How did they pass probation?’ This course will explore the importance of managing new employees and the latest best practice for inductions and managing probation.

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AHR Consultants

AHR Consultants

AHR Consultants

AHR Consultants are a leading provider of HR/employment support, leadership development training and safety services. Our HR support solutions are cost effective yet comprehensive providing you with legally compliant employment documentation, and unlimited advice and support. Our aim is to help businesses deal with the day to day employee issues that arise in the work place. Recognising that no two people or businesses are the same, we offer clients commercial, pragmatic solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. Alongside our HR support we also offer professional consultancy services which can support any HR activity. We deliver tailored HR solutions to meet your needs.

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