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Learn face Anatomy on Cadavers to ensure effective aesthetic treatments and avoid complications of Dermal Fillers and Botulinum toxin. In relation to Botulinum toxin treatments: learn attachments of face muscles on Cadavers; depth and plane of face muscles; avoid complications of Botulinum toxin treatments with the help of knowledge of anatomy. In relation to Dermal Fillers: learn anatomy of bony structures and facial Fat pads; learn layers of face; what is superficial and what is deep; learn blood vessels and nerves of face; avoid filler complications with the help of knowledge of anatomy.

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Anatomy for Aesthetics

Anatomy for Aesthetics

The only organization dedicated solely to teaching facial anatomy to the aesthetic practitioners. After a number of years working in facial aesthetics, we realized that most practitioners have done vast training and are very good in aesthetic practice, but still unsure about the vital knowledge of face anatomy. With the face aesthetics becoming widely practiced, the number of complaints by the clients and more worryingly the serious complications of aesthetic treatments are getting common. It is thus extremely important that the aesthetic practitioners must have a detailed knowledge of anatomy to avoid such complaints or complications. Also, a good knowledge of anatomy is essential in assessing the ageing of the face and planning adequate treatments to correct it. The face anatomy that we learn in power-point presentations in various aesthetic courses is quite different from the real anatomy and that can only be learnt on real human cadavers. Thus we offer the dedicated courses of face anatomy on human cadavers.

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Anatomy for Aesthetics

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