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Barakah Culture vs. Hustle Culture

Webinar • British Islamic Medical Association

About the course

British Islamic Medical Association (BIMA) provides unique development opportunities for healthcare professionals. BIMA connects clinical practice with professionals’ spiritual and cultural needs to help them work effectively and efficiently in providing safe; high quality care to patients. An experienced and certified executive coach will deliver an interactive webinar with Q&A focused on: making the most of time and effort to increase productivity; balancing physical and mental/spiritual needs; the importance of values; culture; and behaviours to develop a growth mindset. Attendees will learn practical knowledge; skills; tools and techniques to optimise their performance.


British Islamic Medical Association

British Islamic Medical Association

British Islamic Medical Association

We are a democratic, independent, not-for-profit, grassroots organisation for Muslim healthcare professionals in the UK. We support Muslim healthcare professionals to achieve excellence. Our members benefit from our national events, webinars, career support and more. Our vision is to inspire Muslim healthcare professionals to unite in service of our patients and profession.

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