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Training Course BG Barre (Well-Nesse)

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BG Barre; like the B-Boys (and girls!) by which it's inspired; isn't like most barre classes. It's more upbeat; its more irreverent; it's more...fun; frankly. And that's why BG Barre classes book up weeks in advance at studios around London. (That; and our EPIC playlist.) Becoming a BG Barre instructor means that you'll be able to teach the philosophy and physiological benefits of barre to women and men around the UK; creating a fun; irreverent; refreshing fitness option; and leaving your students talking about the experience (and feeling the burn) for DAYS to come.

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BG Barre (Well-Nesse)

BG Barre (Well-Nesse)

BG Barre (Well-Nesse)

Barre fitness instructor training courses, for those who love the burn but hate the bore of standard barre classes.

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