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Positive Psychology Certification

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About the CPD course

Positive Psychology is the study of happiness and wellbeing. This course uses scientific methods to study what makes life fulfilling. It will teach you how to prevent anxiety and depression and provide you with Resilience skills to bounce back from any difficult situation. You will also learn how to use Positive Intervention tools to develop a positive and success mind-set; as well as how to select life goals that support wellbeing and how to achieve those goals to manifest your dream life.

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Learn a new skill and upgrade your Career, Health, & Love life. Blisscovery is a Mental Health Tech helping Individuals, Corporates, Schools, and Colleges increase Happiness Quotient & Productivity with the help of AI, Analytics, & Psychological Sciences. Evidence-based solutions for mental health, success, and wellbeing. Engaging video-based solutions that can be accessed anytime, anywhere on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

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