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The "Blockchain Hero - Expert" online course offers a comprehensive; advanced guide to the world of crypto & blockchain technology. It is intended for people who want to take their knowledge to the next level and includes detailed but simplified answers to 300 frequently asked questions (FAQ) on advanced subjects. The learning material covers more complex topics but still aims to provide explanations in plain English rather than using complicated technical terms. In addition; the course includes 25 interesting must-know facts about crypto as well as 10 myth busters to defunct any misconceptions surrounding this space.

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Are you interested in learning about blockchain and crypto but don't know where to start? We created Blockready to fast-track your crypto education and protect you from falling victim to social media hype and misinformation! We've spent a tremendous amount of time on research in order to provide you detailed but simplified answers to five hundred (500) of the most frequently asked questions people ask about crypto. Our mission is simple yet powerful: To teach you exactly what you need to know on a compressed timeline at a fraction of the cost!

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