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Introducing Resilience and Putting it into Practice

Training Course Boingboing Resilience CIC

About the CPD course

Resilience refers to the positive capacity we have to achieve good outcomes in spite of hardships or serious threats to our development. Finding ways to boost a child’s ability to respond resiliently when life is tough can help them to do better than you might have thought they would. This workshop offers an introduction to the concept of Resilience and provides the opportunity to understand and adopt a strategic approach to promoting resilience. It introduces a straightforward and strategic way of working with children; young people and families that builds capacity to manage life’s challenges more resiliently.

CPD Provider

Boingboing Resilience CIC

Boingboing Resilience CIC

Boingboing Resilience CIC

Working with and alongside children, young people, families and adults exposed to social disadvantage and inequalities is at the heart of our work. Resilience research and practice provides powerful knowledge to help people having particularly tough times.

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