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Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Level 3

Online Course TEFL Wonderland - Brilliant Minds

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In this unique learning adventure; novice teachers are introduced to the most effective strategies for planning lessons; designing teaching materials; using educational technology; and catering for diverse learning needs and abilities. Through a variety of highly interactive tasks; animated videos; case studies; reflection; design and development activities; learners gain factual; procedural and theoretical understanding of language skills and systems. They also learn how to use effective job search; interviewing and professional development strategies. The course is endorsed by Gatehouse Awards – an Ofqual regulated provider.

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TEFL Wonderland - Brilliant Minds

TEFL Wonderland - Brilliant Minds

TEFL Wonderland - Brilliant Minds

TEFL Wonderland-Brilliant Minds is specialized in teacher training and course development. We are the pioneers in creating gamified TESOL certification courses that turn learning into sheer fun. We believe that a great teacher can 'hide and teach'. They can plan lessons and create teaching materials that enable students to take control of their own learning. They move from the boredom of 'chalk and talk' or 'click and read' to the fun of 'play and practice'. So, we create magical worlds where trainees can play, practice, take risks and enjoy every moment of their learning expeditions. 

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