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Cannabis healthcare for pharmacists nurses and physicians – UK edition

Online Course CiiTECH

About the CPD course

This online education course is a comprehensive course covering the fundamentals of CBD and medical cannabis specifically designed for the UK by cannabis healthcare company CiiTECH. The course is well structured and covers 12 modules; interactive quizzes and downloadable information sheets. During the course you will deep dive into the history of cannabis; learn about the plan; the endocannabinoid system; methods of administration; risks; contradictions; dosing strategies and patient case studies. This course is suitable for all practitioners and healthcare professionals including those who are new to cannabis and those who already practice recommend and dispense.

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CiiTECH is a consumer-focused cannabis company dedicated to ongoing cannabis research and a commitment to patient care. Our academy provides practitioners with the opportunity to learn about cannabis and equip them with the knowledge and tools necessary to successfully treat patients, clients and customers. CiiTECH partners with leading institutions and scientists to create professional cannabis education courses and ensure patients have access to the best science-led cannabis brands and products.

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