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Ship-Shore Interface and Safety

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The training will primarily focus on the safety aspects of ports operations and handling of petroleum products. Besides this; it will provide some basic knowledge of shipping and the various elements of the wider maritime industry. The correct understanding of the Ship Shore Safety Checklist (SSSCL) and the Bunker Checklist will be the most important component of the course. The completed checklist (SSSCL) will be checked during the site visit before commencement of operations. The remaining lessons will be on Shipping; Hazards of Petroleum products; Mooring & Cargo Operations; Ports; Risk Management; Safety Management; and Marine Terminal Fire Protection.

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ClimeTrek is a boutique consultancy offering project management and advisory services in all aspects relating to climate change. Our mission is simple, it is to join the dots between the various elements and make change happen quickly and at scale. Whether it is developing a solar project in rural India or a forest conservation project in the Amazon our team of specialists is there to 'roll it's sleeves up' and get on with the job.

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