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Skin Revolution

Literature Dr Vanita Rattan

About the CPD course

This is an illustrated guide to the science of and caring for skin of colour; by cosmetic formulator Dr. Vanita Rattan. From understanding the role of melanin in skin; to how cosmetic products are formulated; how this affects consumers; and what dermatologists; aestheticians and doctors need to know about skin of colour. Packed with studies on skin of colour in a field that has historically focused on Caucasian skin; with illuminating diagrams of biology and chemistry of skin; Skin Revolution is a valuable resource for becoming better acquainted with skin of colour.

CPD Provider

Dr Vanita Rattan

Dr Vanita Rattan

Dr Vanita Rattan

Doctor Vanita Rattan, is a Doctor (MBBS Medicine) and Cosmetic Formulator for Skin of Colour.

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