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A course covering the fundamentals of dietary; environmental and active movement factors that affect and improve lives. The information and practical advice in the course enables the participant to be better informed when viewing health and wellness information on social media and also make better choices to improve their life. All the information is scientifically researched; but presented in an engaging manner that is understandable to those without a science background. At the same time; it also fills the gaps for those in the health and wellness industry who would like to brush up on knowledge or fill gaps in their health and wellness understanding.

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Eating Elephants

Eating Elephants

Eating Elephants

Eating Elephants is a company devoted to promoting healthy eating coupled with a healthy lifestyle for all, no matter what stage a person is at. I am a clinical nutritionist (MSACN), certified functional medicine practitioner (CFMP), certified ketogenic nutrition specialist (CKNS), and a certified Wahls protocol health practitioner (CWPHP). So, in all that we do, we take a well researched, replicated, scientific approach to better health. This is very important when you consider all the information on social media; what can be trusted, what should be ignored? For this reason, Eating Elephants offers a certified course to promote better essential understanding of what nutrition and overall wellness is along with tips to help. Also we offer a meal planning function that provides personalised, tasty, healthy weekly menus that take into account likes and dislikes, medical and gut issues, or just simply good eating. These come with a full nutritional breakdown (macros and micros), shopping list, and recipes. We pride ourselves on being able to step back, and take a collective, easy to implement view of nutrition, health and wellness.

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