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Fitness Instructor – 1st Level

Online Course GETFIT LUX - INTEGRA Academy

About the CPD course

This course focuses on the study of anatomy: physiology and biomechanics in order to obtain a correct execution of the exercises. The course involves both online lessons and lessons spent in the gym with the master trainer. Following the course: students will learn the principles of creating workouts according to the client's goal: weight loss: muscle mass gain: improving cardiovascular and muscular endurance. They will also know how to structure a complete workout and how to determine the optimal workload according to the desired goal. The course also includes ways to create functional workouts: HIIT workouts: with various accessories and fitness equipment.

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INTEGRA - International Academy of Integrative Health, Nutrition and Continuing Education - educates leaders in health and wellness through practical professional programs that integrate ancient wisdom and contemporary science. The only passion and main priority of the international academy Integra is to improve the field of integrative health by training and improving specialists who will have a positive impact on the health and well-being of people in their community. Integra's programs and graduates are distinguished by a holistic and functional approach to health and focus on the interconnection of mind, body and spirit, helping others to achieve balance and well-being. 

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