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Intercultural awareness in the workplace

Workshop LINCS - Heriot Watt University

About the CPD course

This 1-day course will provide an introduction to intercultural issues and challenges in contemporary workplaces. It aims at raising intercultural awareness to anticipate issues that might affect the dynamics of multicultural teams; while strengthening team cohesion; collaboration and trust. It is aimed at team leaders; employees in multicultural environments; entrepreneurs or small businesses with international clients. The course combines formal and informal learning activities covering theoretical concepts; case studies; communication models and conventions; and allowing participants to share knowledge; experience and good practice; both during class time and over lunch and coffee breaks (included in the course package).

CPD Provider

LINCS - Heriot Watt University

LINCS - Heriot Watt University

LINCS - Heriot Watt University

LINCS represents all the people working and studying in the Department of Languages & Intercultural Studies at Heriot-Watt University.

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