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Accelerating Net Societal Impact - an Impact Masterclass for Corporates

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About the CPD course

The Maanch Impact Masterclass is a unique Impact Induction designed for passionate start-ups; early stage companies and SMEs that are ambitious to imbibe sustainability at the heart of what they do. Gain an in-depth understanding of the core aspects of sustainability and its implications for your business and industry. Starting from the basics; the course prepares businesses in all sectors on the key areas to focus on. It accelerates a company's journey towards sustainability and paves a pathway towards becoming net positive - addressing how and where to Innovate; Stimulate and Reinvent processes to adapt best practices.

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Maanch unifies the impact of institutional funders, companies, investors and social enterprises. We inspire and enable participants of the impact ecosystem to re-allocate capital and resources towards achieving the UN SDGs - through data, intelligence, dashboards and networks that make up our (M)-Invest and (M)-Give solutions.

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