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Mediation Practice In 2021 & Into The Future

Training Course Mediation Resolution

About the CPD course

A training course to be delivered for the benefit those who practise the law in the Dispute Resolution arena which focuses upon firstly the current practise of civil/commercial mediation in the UK; secondly the law pertaining to the imposition of adverse cost consequences upon litigants who unreasonably refuse to mediate and finally upon the likely implications of the Civil Justice Council’s July 2021 report entitled ‘Compulsory ADR’

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Mediation Resolution

Mediation Resolution

We provide both face to face and virtual online mediation and other alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services throughout the UK for companies and private individuals engaged in commercial or civil disputes including, in the case of the latter, those arising as a consequence of clinical negligence, personal injury, disputed wills and claims for and against public authorities, as well as for individuals who are in dispute in their workplace.

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