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Brought to you by NHS England Horizons team; the School for Change Agents is an entirely online course. It is backed by the NHS; and is a platform for change agents to learn together; using powerful; guided learning. The School for Change Agents is a free five week virtual learning programme for change activists in health; social care; and related sectors.

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NHS England - Horizons Team

NHS England - Horizons Team

NHS England - Horizons Team

The Horizons Group is a small team that uses radical thinking to explore change and transformation in health and care. It aims to support colleagues in health and care to think differently about how effective change practice can lead to better outcomes for patients. We are a passionate group of people, with NHS values, who believe that the health and care system has a bright future. We are moving from the centre to the edge of the NHS system because we believe that that is the best place from which we can support it.

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