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An Executive Introduction to Managing Cyber Risk

Online Course Oxford Cyber Academy

About the CPD course

An online; self-paced learning programme of 2 hours per week over six weeks. This course will give you an essential insight into cyber security and how it impacts your organisation. From the threat landscape through to cyber regulations and industry standards; and from the roles of security departments to future challenges in cyber-security risk management; this modular course is a must for anyone facing the intricacies and uncertainties of today's technology led environment.

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Oxford Cyber Academy

Oxford Cyber Academy

Oxford Cyber Academy

The Oxford Cyber Academy personnel are dedicated to bringing their individual and wide ranging skills and experience to maintain and deliver the highest standards of research and education. Their commitment is to keep OCA at the forefront of the latest knowledge and understanding of cyber and data security, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Media Technology. With the help and advice of independent, industry experts, OCA will create and develop an active forum for research, education, publication and the establishment of the Academy as a center of excellence, encouraging visitors from around the world with shared interests.

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