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BrandGrowth Bootcamp by P-Trinity: Brand Positioning & Statedgy

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The Brand Positioning & Strategy Bootcamp is an on demand; bite-sized and interactive bootcamp brought to you by a network of industry experts and practitioners from Asia; Europe and Latin America. Delegates will gain insight on how to build and develop brands through powerful positioning's and strategy choices; they will better understand their role as brand guardians in the brand building process and how that will help secure the brand's long-term growth. They will get access to knowledge and frameworks used by experienced marketers; so they can translate the learnings to their own brands; boosting their performance in the market.

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p-Trinity is a coaching, consulting and training business based in Hong Kong, but with a Global scope. It specializes in Brand and Marketing consulting and Executive and Leadership Coaching.  

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BrandGrowth Bootcamp by P-Trinity: Brand Positioni...


The Brand Positioning & Strategy Bootcamp is an undemand; bite-sized and interactive bootcamp brough...
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