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Interprofessional Staff Supervision in Adult Health and Social Care Services Volume 1

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A Pavilion Annual 2016 explores different models of supervision within adult services; addressing a gap in research and practice about what works when supervising staff from across different professional backgrounds; including social work; nursing; health visiting; clinical psychology; community mental health and addiction services. Health and social care services are increasingly delivered in integrated settings; but what does this mean for staff supervision? What do we mean by successful supervision within integrated and multidisciplinary settings? How is it conducted and how do we know that it makes a difference? Does it matter if supervisors are from a different professional background to supervisees; if the key ingredients are the same? If we agree that supervision is important; answering such questions is crucial if we are to get supervision right for practitioners working in a range of settings and ultimately; people who use services.

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Pavilion Publishing

Pavilion Publishing

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