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One day familiarisation course on Ports and Terminals. This course is specifically designed for claims executives; underwriters and maritime lawyers who are seeking to extend their knowledge about port development; port structures; cranes; terminals and how they operate. It will give an overview on incidents and scenarios of which they will encounter when assessing and processing claims throughout their career.


Waves Group (Cwaves Ltd)

Waves Group (Cwaves Ltd)

Waves Group (Cwaves Ltd)

Mwaves and Cwaves were established in 2005 and have grown to become recognised sources of expertise in the offshore energy and marine sectors. Waves Group combines their respective expertise to provide our clients with a greater range of bespoke technical advice, assurance and expert guidance on a wide range of marine and offshore matters. Based in the City of London, close to the insurance markets and in the energy capital of Aberdeen, within easy reach of several international airports, we are ideally placed to meet the needs of clients across Europe and worldwide. Our expert consultants are involved in a range of projects that gives them a breadth of experience, whilst always advancing their individual specialisms. We work closely with our clients to provide practical solutions, mitigate risks and reduce costs where possible.

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