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DCSETF: Dementia Identification; Assessment and Diagnosis

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About the CPD course

This course is designed to help you to recognise possible symptoms of dementia and to take the appropriate action to help enable early diagnosis. It will guide you through the dementia assessment process so that you are familiar with it and can support the person being assessed. This course is suitable for all health and social care professionals; especially those who work in Memory Assessment Services or who provide care and support to people who are at a higher risk of developing dementia (for example; older adults; people with learning disabilities; or those with cardiovascular disease; alcohol misuse; or chronic mental health problems). The course will start by providing background information about dementia and will compare the most common types. It will outline when referral for further assessment should take place and how this process should be initiated. Using the case study of ‘Elizabeth’; you will then be guided through the process of a specialist dementia assessment and learn what people who are referred can expect to happen. Finally; the course will reflect on the key learning points; finishing with a quiz to test your knowledge.

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Relias Learning Ltd

Relias Learning Ltd

Relias Learning Ltd

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