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How to Write and Publish Original Research and Systematic Review in Healthcare

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About the CPD course

This one-week virtual learning course with Prof. Dr. Betsy Joseph will help the participants to identify and master specific steps and techniques needed to write and publish high quality manuscripts (original research and systematic review) in healthcare. This has 5-days (approximately 10 hours) of self-paced learning through pre-course assignments; followed by 2-days (total 5 hours) of interactive online classes and a free one-on-one doubt clearing session with prior bookings.

CPD Provider

Research'Kraft Consulting

Research'Kraft Consulting

Research'Kraft Consulting

At Research' Kraft Consulting, we offer one-on-one research consulting, personalized coaching, and scientific writing on a diverse array of topics to researchers and healthcare professionals from academia and healthcare industries globally. We ensure our clients get the best support in research planning, scientific/medical writing, and statistical analysis, thanks to our network of highly experienced freelance scientists, industry experts, medical writers, biostatisticians, immunologists, microbiologists, editorial advisors, and subject matter experts in Dentistry and related interdisciplinary fields.

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