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Can We Really Juggle Carbon Efficiency With High Resilience And Low TCO?

Seminar Riello UPS Ltd

About the CPD course

Seminar explores this topical question by reviewing the relationship between efficiency and a typical uninterruptible power supply (ups) installation. Traditionally, the higher the resilience; the higher the carbon price tag; but by looking at ways of reducing losses within todays ups solutions, we will demonstrate how resilience can be maintained, how overall pue (power usage effectiveness) and tco (total cost of ownership) can be lowered, and how the system falls into line with the latest legislation

CPD Provider

Riello UPS Ltd

Riello UPS Ltd

Riello UPS Ltd

Riello UPS Ltd is the UK subsidiary of Riello UPS S.p.A Europes leading manufacturer of uninterruptible power supplies and standby power systems from 400VA to 6MVA.

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