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Smart Buildings - Intelligent LED lighting and low voltage sensor networks overview

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About the CPD course

Learn how Smart Building solutions can be delivered over low voltage data cabling. Understand how Intelligent LED lighting and a large area sensor network can be installed and operated without the need for 240v power. In this CPD we will show you how to design a low voltage sensor rich network that has Intelligence to power LED lights; measure temperature and people movement to record building usage and occupancy recording. We also discuss the new technology that can be used to enhance occupancy and personal wellbeing using Human Centric Lighting solutions.

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Scenariio specialise in the design, implementation and support of Intelligent Infrastructure solutions deployed over traditional structured network cabling solutions. We are based in the Midlands and offer a wide range of services throughout the central and southern areas of the UK using a network of highly qualified technicians many of whom have worked with us for over 20 years. Working in partnership with leading network cabling manufacturers, we offer a broad range of technology solutions that can all be deployed over an IP network. CCTV, door access control, building management systems (BMS) and intelligent LED lighting solutions form the basis of our product offering and all are delivered over a traditional network cable infrastructure. We will continue to deliver core business activities for new installations or ‘adds moves and changes’ to existing structured network cabling deployments. This includes cat5e/6 and 6a copper and SM1/2, OM1/2/3 and 4 fibre optic solutions.

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