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Learn how to develop original screenplays for a wide audience at home and abroad without following prescriptive paradigms! Based on Oberg's innovative Story-Type Method®; this course leaves aside rigid rules that lead to predictable screenplays. It also steers clear of supposed formulas for commercial success that simply don't exist (or we'd know!) This course is designed for writers; directors; creative producers; story editors; creators; showrunners; development execs... Anyone involved creatively in the script development process. It details how filmmakers can identify the story-type of their projects early on and adjust the development process accordingly; making it easier and faster to troubleshoot their scripts and leading to stronger screenplays.

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Screenplay Unlimited

Screenplay Unlimited

Screenplay Unlimited

At Screenplay Unlimited, we're passionate about story structure. Our goal is to remove unnecessary creative constraints from screenwriting and script development, yet provide solid foundations to inspire writers, directors, producers, creators, showrunners and story editors working in film and television. Over the years, we've put together a series of books, online courses and live workshops based on the Story-Type Method®. If you believe that a good story is a combination of meaning, entertainment and emotion and want to learn how to reach the widest possible audience at home and abroad without limiting your creative freedom, you've come to the right place!

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