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Fundamentals of Data Science

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About the CPD course

This course equips beginners with the theoretical knowledge and technical skills to apply the powerful insights of data science to their work; it also provides the foundations for a career in Data Science. The course emphasises a hands-on approach to learning data skills; offering a number of interactive online exercises that will let you try out many of the techniques and concepts covered in the taught material. The technical aspects of the course are implemented using Python and we strongly recommend you have some experience with Python or a similar language.

CPD Provider

Southampton Data Science Academy

Southampton Data Science Academy

Southampton Data Science Academy

The Southampton Data Science Academy is a partnership between the Web Science Institute at the University of Southampton and Cambridge Education Group. The SDSA was established to bridge the data skills gap, providing research-informed industry-focused education and training. The courses are designed to address the demands of our increasingly data-driven world, helping ambitious individuals around the world to master the powerful tools of Data Science: business and data analysts, marketers, engineers, developers, economists, scientists, researchers, entrepreneurs, designers, and nascent data scientists.

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