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Mental Health; Holistic Wellbeing & Happiness at Work

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Holistic Wellbeing & Happiness at Work. This course is designed to boost wellbeing and happiness at work by providing a learning opportunity for the promotion of Diversity and Inclusion and boosting resilience to change; engagement and productivity. It explores the fundamentals of Happiness at work; dispelling the myth that Happiness is only experienced and thus temporary. The course also gives practical tips on how to create an inclusive and engaged culture at work.

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SVH Inc.

SVH Inc.

SVH Inc.

We provide a holistic approach to Wellbeing and Happiness at Work. Using the power of connections between events, we create mindful themed, learning experiences that build Happiness and Resilience, Improve Engagement, boost Productivity and reduce staff turnover. To ensure we give you a fully rounded experience, We also provide special discounts from a host of local businesses for maximised Employee Benefit.

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