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Representative Grab Sampling

Webinar Swagelok Scotland

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This tech talk discusses how to avoid some of the common mistakes seen when working with grab sampling systems; as well as recommendations for how to improve your grab sampling techniques; the condition of your sample; and how to get the best results from your analyser.


Swagelok Scotland

Swagelok Scotland

Swagelok Scotland

As the Swagelok sales and service centre for Scotland, North East England and Ireland, we provide an extensive range of fluid system products and services. We understand that you operate in some of the most demanding and critical environments. Helping us understand your pressures and challenges is vital so we can help you achieve your goals confidently and consistently. Whether a multinational company or a local plant operation, you can benefit from the expertise and resources of working with us. Our team of engineers and certified assembly technicians can work alongside your teams, from concept to completion, designing systems that can solve complex challenges, and fabricating and assembling systems to meet your specific needs as an extension to your current capabilities. As an ECITB Approved Provider, our certified trainers provide a comprehensive training and education programme helping to increase your knowledge of fluid systems and related components. Courses that can be tailored to suit your requirements delivered either in-person at one of our training academies, by virtual classroom, or via our latest blended learning offering. With a focus on increasing system safety and regulatory compliance, increasing productivity and helping to eliminate costly leaks, our field engineering team provide onsite inspection services supported by a small bore tubing register and comprehensive reporting to strengthen performance of your fluid systems and management of associated costs. How we work is as important as what we do. Our core values of customer focus, quality, integrity, respect, continuous improvement and innovation are lived each day...they are not just writing on the wall. We use these values as guideposts in all we do from recruiting new talent, to developing exciting new training opportunities, to creating new ways to bring value and peace of mind to you.

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Swagelok Scotland

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