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As a Support Worker you perform various functions to ensure that the different needs of patients are always met To ensure the provision of quality care and ensuring patient safety; it is essential to learn the essential skills to support individuals in the final stages of their life and care for patients with dementia or neurological diseases. The Care and Support Worker Training course provides a full range of knowledge and skills; from communication to medication administration; needed to support individuals with neurological conditions and who require help to ensure quality of life

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Take The Wind (Body Interact)

Take The Wind (Body Interact)

Take The Wind (Body Interact)

Founded in January 2008, Take the Wind (TTW) is a leading company in technology for clinical education, with clients worldwide including major scientific societies, hospitals, medical schools, nursing schools and Continued Medical Education providers. Body Interact is a clinical system adopted around the world to train learners in decision-making and critical thinking, with lifelike virtual patients, in hundreds of clinical scenarios. Body Interact enables both medical professionals and students to accelerate learning, develop clinical skills and achieve excellence in their performance.

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Take The Wind (Body Interact)

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