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Reproductive Health; A Case-based Approach to Management

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Subfertility and infertility affect between 8% and 12% of couples of reproductive age; approximately 200 million globally. In sub-Saharan Africa; subfertility varies by country; with a prevalence between 9% and 30%. The cultural preference for high fertility in many sub-Saharan African societies results in a negative perception of subfertility and infertility. The associated socioeconomic and psychological consequences are significant. Infertility and subfertility are treatable conditions with options for assisted reproductive therapy. This self-directed online course is based on guideline recommendations; and developed in collaboration with Bellington Vwalika; MD; MSc; Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the University of Zambia.

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The Edge Medical Writing

The Edge Medical Writing

The Edge Medical Writing

We provide medical writing support of the absolute highest quality. Our work is tailored to meet the needs of medical education, product development, and the dissemination of medical information. We offer continuing medical education courses via our MiLHO platform that translates relevant content to the unique practicing environment of healthcare professionals in some parts of the world.

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