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New Roofing Overview - Latest Developments In Roofing Regulations Liquid Coatings Using Urethane Technology

Seminar The Garland Company UK

About the CPD course

Seminar reviews the wide range of traditional roofing systems available; their features; benefits and the problems that may be associated with installation on flat or low slope roofs and compares how the use of a liquid applied roofing system can provide a durable; reliable; cost-effective and versatile alternative.

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The Garland Company UK

The Garland Company UK

The Garland Company UK

Our mission is to provide effective, affordable, long-term building envelope solutions. The services and innovative products we provide offer you a comprehensive approach to keep your building water-tight, backed with long-term guarantees and aesthetic pleasing finishes. Don't take our word for it; have a look for yourself at some of our finished projects and see how you can visualise your building opportunities with Garland.

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