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The Holistic Grooming Diploma

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The Holistic Grooming Diploma is a Professional Grooming Enhancer course designed to teach students updated, science-backed methods of handling, canine behaviour, observation and communication, business skills and self-care. All enrolled students are assigned a dedicated tutor to take them through and provide course guidance for the duration of the course timeframe, they will also have access to an array of webinars and workshops from the Pet Industries leading experts and organisations in force-free training. Upon completion of this course, students will be 'Certified in Holistic Grooming'

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The Holistic Grooming Academy

The Holistic Grooming Academy

The Holistic Grooming Academy

The Holistic Grooming Academy is an accredited Distance Learning college providing professional groomers with outstanding further education to build confidence and competence in their roles. It was founded during lockdown 2020 by multi-award winning and number one bestselling author of ‘The Magic of Holistic Grooming’, Stephanie Zikmann. The Holistic Grooming Academy is paving the way for a more canine-centred grooming industry where pet professionals and guardians work together to respect the needs of the individual animal while increasing their own ability to think creatively, work compassionately and provide the best level of care possible. By incorporating skills in canine behaviour, safe handling, observation and communication and even, self-care the HGA is proud to offer all of its students second-to-none tutoring support throughout the duration of their studies. We welcome students from all backgrounds to the HGA as long as they share our same unwavering ethics in positive, updated, animal-centred care.  

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