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SEN and disability: developing effective anti-bullying practice in schools: workshop for parent carers

Workshop The National Children's Bureau (NCB)

About the CPD course

The course aims to equip parents and carers with the necessary skills to support their children when facing bullying issues.

CPD Provider

The National Children's Bureau (NCB)

The National Children's Bureau (NCB)

The National Children's Bureau (NCB)

The National Children's Bureau (NCB) is the overriding parent organisation and CPD provider for the Anti-Bullying Alliance, Sex Education Forum and Early Childhood Development. Founded in 1963 by Mia Kelmer Pringle, the National Bureau for Cooperation in Childcare brought together all professions concerned with improving services for children. The focus on research, evidence, policy and practice, continues to underpin our work. We work with children, and for children, to reduce the devastating impact of childhood inequalities by: being a strong independent advocate for children and young people, ensuring that government policies and legislation have a positive impact on their lives, being a voice for practitioners and supporting them to deliver the very best outcomes for children and young people, bringing together groups and organisations, to achieve more by working in partnership, involving children and young people so they are able to make a difference to their lives, providing the evidence from research, analysis and practice to make the case for change.

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