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Professional Translation Conversion Course (pre-DipTrans)

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The Professional Translation Conversion Course (pre-DipTrans) is our foundation course. The course format works from two angles. First; it introduces you to the practice of professional translation. The modules progress through the various stages of the translation process: from text analysis; through drafting and editing; to proofreading and quality assurance. Second; the modules follow a professional translation commission; from quoting and accepting an order; through CAT tools and terminology management; to translation delivery; invoicing and post-delivery issues. This course will give you sufficient grounding in translation to enable you to progress to our advanced course and the DipTrans exam.

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The Translator's Studio

The Translator's Studio

The Translator's Studio

Online translation courses for budding and experienced Spanish- and French-to-English translators. Translation skills, translation theory and DipTrans exam preparation courses to obtain translator certification.

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