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One in six employees will experience mental ill-health. The Switch Model helps organisations focus on the ‘Six in Six’. Psychologically; we are hard wired for growth and stimulation so if you want to support your employees to work and live at their optimal self; then investing in Switch Model training is for you. The Switch Model is a kind; effective approach to switching mindsets and behaviour that enables people to better predict; prepare for; and navigate life’s twists and turns. From there; employees can stave off stress and burnout and make the maximum contribution at work and at home.

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Think Outs

Think Outs

Think Outs

As the UK’s leading training provider of services supporting people who use health services more than expected, we’ve helped 1000’s of people to better predict, prepare for, and navigate, life’s twists and turns – leading to the development of the Switch Model. Packed with 90 tried and tested concepts, tools and techniques, Think Outs’ Switch Model Online Learning course enables employees to switch to more positive mindsets and behaviours, staving off stress and burnout and making the maximum contribution at work and at home.  

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