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Improve your clinical outcomes while creating real & lasting change for your client. Rapidly move your client through the therapeutic process using this revolutionary somatic approach. This course is taught through Theory; Experiential Learning and Practice. You learn: How to coach your clients to reunify the body & mind by understanding the theory and process of psychosomatic unity; How clients witness feeling with inner negative narrative; How to identify & undo this narrative. Finally; you will examine the theory & practice of the client’s feelings process and how to facilitate the process of clients processing & soothing of these feelings.

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Wellnessseeker ( Wellness Seeker )

Wellnessseeker ( Wellness Seeker )

Wellnessseeker ( Wellness Seeker )

Shauna is the founder of Wellnessseeker and creator of 'The Clearing Method by Shauna Quigley'. A unique & embodied modality of therapy. A Therapist, thought leader, public speaker, professional trainer, unshakable optimist and upcoming author, wife to Michael and mum to three wonderful boys. Shauna has been practising in her home town of Derry City, N. Ireland for over 15 years as a person centered psychotherapist and using her own Clearing Method has helped thousands of clients on their healing journey. Their journey home. Shauna's main passion in life is to help others heal the trauma and suffering of core wounds. Be that in her own therapeutic practice or facilitating professionals to do the same in her online school of professional courses and programmes. Shauna is delighted to be able to share her knowledge with you in the hope that you can light the way way for your own clients and helps them to free themselves from the suffering of trauma. "Bringing hope where there is none Bringing light where it is dark Holding the possibility of healing" Shauna Quigley

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