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Healthcare & Medical

Certified Infant Sleep Coaching Course

The Sleep Boss Business School

An online and self-paced Certified Infant Sleep Coaching Course to train students in the area of Inf...
Online Course

Sustainable Packaging Training


Sustainable Packaging training raises awareness about environmental sustainability and clarifies the...
Training Course
Human Resources

Peopleknd. HR Bootcamp

peopleknd (HORA HR and Recruitment)

This is a certified and intensive 5-week HR bootcamp followed by a 3 to 6 months 121 mentorship. A p...
Training Course
Healthcare & Medical

Energy-Works: Healing For Growth


The course is designed to be a gateway to understanding energy and how to use it for healing. Week b...
Online Course
Healthcare & Medical

ADHD 360 Academy – Advanced ADHD Practitioners Tra...

ADHD 360

This course is designed & delivered to give experienced nurses and doctors the skills to move into a...
Training Course

Research Integrity Strategy Foundations Course

Jigisha Patel Independent Research Integrity Specialist

This is a course for new journal editors and publishing staff who are responsible for managing resea...
Training Course
Social Care

CareerPoint Certification Training


The objective of the program is to provide an overview of the CareerPoint philosophy to career advan...
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