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Business Coaching Courses

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Business Coaching CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • The International Exchange

    TIE Accelerator

    The International Exchange

    Our TIE Accelerator programme activates the best of the private sector to meet the challenges of the real world. We will create a community of problem solvers that will accelerate... Read more

  • Global Success Ltd

    Client Acquisition School

    Global Success Ltd

    The program is designed specifically with the view for all students to learn how to present ideas; pitch a product/service; and market their businesses accordingly. It will also cover... Read more

  • Engage in Learning

    Emotional Intelligence

    Engage in Learning

    Emotional intelligence is a skill that can be learned and will improve how we interact with others. Often; we react without taking the time to recognise and respond to our circumstances... Read more

  • Engage in Learning

    Remote Working

    Engage in Learning

    A shift towards remote working has been a growing trend with many adjusting how they work to help achieve a greater work/life balance. With COVID-19 requiring us all to socially... Read more

  • Minerva Engagement

    Neuroleader Academy Programme- Calm: Regulate Emotion for Inner and Outer Peace

    Minerva Engagement

    By participating in this course you will learn why certain calming techniques are so beneficial for reducing feelings of anxiety; as you build awareness of the emotional self.

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  • Minerva Engagement

    Neuroleader Academy Programme:- De-Stress: How to Befriend Stress and Why That’s a Good Idea

    Minerva Engagement

    This is a self-guided learning module designed to develop your understanding of stress – both good and bad – so that you are better equipped to spot it; manage it; alleviate it and... Read more

  • Rapha Therapy Services

    Rivers to Resilience

    Rapha Therapy Services

    This experiential training course will equip you and your teams with proven strategies to successfully navigate personal and professional setbacks and crises. It will equip you with... Read more

  • Tricres Ltd


    Tricres Ltd

    This part of the Tricres learning program considers Mind Set and the importance of its role in success. Methodically set across 4 sessions and 17 lessons; you will identify your current... Read more

  • Minerva Engagement

    Neuroleader Academy Programme:-Thrive: Learn to weather any storm.

    Minerva Engagement

    Learn to Weather Any Storm is a self-guided learning module designed to support delegates in caring for the whole self; brain; mind and body and to develop the skills that will help... Read more

  • Competent at Conflict Conversation

    Ignite Your Inner Potential

    Conflict conversations are perhaps some of the most challenging conversations for most of us. To such an extent that many of us do whatever we can to avoid them. Yet we know that they... Read more

  • Behavioural and Personality Preferences

    Ignite Your Inner Potential

    Diversity is about understanding that every single person is different; with their own preferred way of ‘being’ in the world and in our organisations. Most of the time; conflict and... Read more

  • Leoron Professional Development Institute DMCC

    Certified Operational Risk Professional

    Leoron Professional Development Institute DMCC

    Much is written about the theory of managing and measuring Operational Risk. This course focuses on the practical aspects of delivering robust; sustainable and value-adding Operational... Read more

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