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Business Coaching Courses

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Business Coaching CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Adapt2Digital

    The Dilyn Way - Certified Practitioner Online Programme


    One of the biggest challenges to businesses in this digital age is leadership. What effective leadership in a digital age looks like and how development pathways can be supported and... Read more

  • Affinity Resolutions Ltd

    GDPR DeskTop Training

    Affinity Resolutions Ltd

    This training teaches the essentials of GDPR through case studies and multiple choice questions. The topics covered are understanding GDPR; how to deal with a subject access request;... Read more

  • Progressive Property Ventures

    Progressive Property Masterclass

    Progressive Property Ventures

    The Masterclass is an intensive 4-day course designed to turn any beginner or intermediate into a professional property investor – with 1 year’s follow-up support for free. This... Read more

  • Swords Consultancy

    Business Communications and Writing Skills

    Swords Consultancy

    This course is aimed at stimulating the thinking of the participants and engaging them in understanding and developing the principles and key elements in Business Communications

    Read more
  • Swords Consultancy

    Business Planning

    Swords Consultancy

    A detailed delivery and discussion on how to develop a business plan with emphasis on financial; people and contingency planning. Case Studies and practical exercises will be... Read more

  • Swords Consultancy

    Customer Service and Relationship Management

    Swords Consultancy

    Opening with the key elements of customer management and the type of customer service which can be provided to them. Understanding the difference between internal and external... Read more

  • Swords Consultancy

    Emotionally Intelligent Project Management

    Swords Consultancy

    This programme takes a candid and jargon free approach in teaching people how to manage projects; both the tasks and the people. It takes the learner through the process from set up of... Read more

  • Swords Consultancy

    Leading an Effective Management Team

    Swords Consultancy

    Leaders focus on people above tasks and the focus of the training is on the role and responsibilities of leaders; the functions of leadership and their role in building and leading an... Read more

  • Swords Consultancy

    Management In Practice

    Swords Consultancy

    Stimulate your thinking and be guided through a review and assessment of how you put your managerial skills into practice. People and process focused in understanding the changing role... Read more

  • Swords Consultancy

    Office Administration Skills

    Swords Consultancy

    Work through from the physical office environment regarding equipment; layout; technology; roles and responsibilities etc. through to workflow planning; and diary and time management. ... Read more

  • Swords Consultancy

    Performance Management

    Swords Consultancy

    The programme is about process and people and how to build the performance management processes and then how to implement the key activities of performance appraisal etc. We take the... Read more

  • Swords Consultancy

    Presentation Skills

    Swords Consultancy

    Presenting yourself and your ideas with confidence; impact and great conviction is the primary benefit for professionals. Providing you with strategies on how to make an effective... Read more

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