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Business Coaching Courses

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Business Coaching CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Engage in Learning

    Growing Your Team To High Performance

    Engage in Learning

    Learn how teams develop in a predictable way and how you can use this to help your team achieve high performance. Teams develop in a predictable way and; as a team leader; you can use... Read more

  • Engage in Learning

    Improving Group Dynamics

    Engage in Learning

    Improve your team’s dynamics by developing your own communication skills; team collaboration; and managing individual’s behaviours within a team setting. Use the eBook to... Read more

  • Engage in Learning

    Leadership Styles and Qualities

    Engage in Learning

    The leap from team member to team leader is probably the most exciting and demanding time in your business career. It takes a lot of insight and commitment to make the transition... Read more

  • Engage in Learning

    Setting Goals and Guidelines for High Performance

    Engage in Learning

    Learn how to develop a robust set of ground rules and operating agreements on which to build a strong team culture and how to set goals that inspire teams for high performance in this... Read more

  • Inemmo Group UK

    Your Leadership Unleashed!

    Inemmo Group UK

    Your Leadership Unleashed! is a must attend event if you are like so many leaders; facing new leadership challenges or would welcome an opportunity to re-examine your approach; and... Read more

  • B2B Media Training

    Media Training

    B2B Media Training

    This highly-focused course will give business clients the skills and confidence to effectively communicate key messages to the media. The courses are run by Brian Weatherley; an... Read more

  • Soluman Consultancy Ltd

    Data Management & Analysis

    Soluman Consultancy Ltd

    Our data module enables delegates to fully realise the power of data; how to manage; govern and store data. We utilise interactive exercises and case studies for delegates to work with... Read more

  • Vocalcoach by Vocaldata Ltd

    Speech writing for powerful public speaking

    Vocalcoach by Vocaldata Ltd

    There’s a reason why senior politicians and Fortune 500 CEOs employ speechwriters to minimise the risk and maximise the impact of their public speaking. Whether you’re writing... Read more

  • Engage in Learning

    Leader As Coach

    Engage in Learning

    Successful leaders are successful coaches. Coaching is an essential skill to develop and is its own reward! In this course; we help you find out how to: Incorporate coaching into... Read more

  • Engage in Learning

    Coaching Skills

    Engage in Learning

    Do you know the difference between a learner-centred and a coach-centred approach? Do you know how to balance them during a coaching session? Learn when to ‘tell’ and when and how... Read more

  • Engage in Learning

    Using the Grow Model to Coach 1

    Engage in Learning

    This eLearning course will show you how to set effective and ‘SMART’ goals when setting out to coach individual staff members. Learn how to establish a sound coaching relationship... Read more

  • Engage in Learning

    Using the Grow Model to Coach 2

    Engage in Learning

    See how to use the GROW model to maintain momentum through the coaching process. Understand how to overcome limiting beliefs and acknowledge success.

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