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Business Consultancy Courses

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Business Consultancy CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • The Industry School

    Print Production Workshop

    The Industry School

    This one-day workshop is for delegates looking to add print management to their skill set. Attendees learn how the process for printed media differs to online media; print techniques... Read more

  • Chorus Intelligence

    Effective Analysis of Communications Data

    Chorus Intelligence

    The aim of this course is to enable attendees to understand and interpret communications data and apply analysis that can be used in an operational context to provide insights that will... Read more

  • Maguire Training

    Clinical Governance and Audit

    Maguire Training

    It is vitally important for doctors that they understand; practice and be confident in the building of skills to undertake regular clinical and service audits. They must also have a... Read more

  • Maguire Training

    Customer Service Excellence

    Maguire Training

    Delegates will learn how to provide outstanding customer service. The result will be renewed vigour for putting the client first and providing a world-class customer service with any... Read more

  • Maguire Training

    Customer Service for Healthcare

    Maguire Training

    Like all industries; the product here is the quality of the patient centred care. Patient care starts with the first encounter that the patient has with the health care facility staff;... Read more

  • Maguire Training


    Maguire Training

    Mindfulness is about being in the present; shifting our focus of attention to what is happening in this very moment; noticing our thoughts; feelings and anything else we might not... Read more

  • Maguire Training

    Time Task and Planning Skills

    Maguire Training

    The delegate will learn how to manage time more effectively as well as plan and prioritise to greater effect.

    Read more
  • Cenex

    Vehicle to Grid Technology


    The purpose of the training workshop is to enable participants to improve their understanding of Vehicle to Grid (V2G) technology and its impact on energy use and to make informed... Read more

  • Purchasing Management Services

    Legal Aspects of Purchasing

    Purchasing Management Services

    A two day face to face training course covering key legal subjects needed by anyone involved in the purchase of goods; materials and services. It equips attendees with knowledge and... Read more

  • Maguire Training

    Advanced Communications

    Maguire Training

    The main aim of this course will be to help delegates improve their communication skills and provide advanced communication skills for Doctors both individually and within their team... Read more

  • Maguire Training

    Handling Difficult Situations/People

    Maguire Training

    Delegates will learn how to assert themselves with the most difficult situations and to act effectively even when they are unable to offer any significant help or compensation at the... Read more

  • Maguire Training

    Negotiation Skills

    Maguire Training

    This course highlights the mechanics of the negotiation and how to deal powerfully with resistance and manipulation.

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