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Corporate Training Courses

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Corporate Training CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • MIS Training Institute

    Auditing Risk Management And Basel ii & iii

    MIS Training Institute

    This is a 4 day training course to help understanding the key banking risks, the management and governance requirements under Basel iii and how they might be audited.

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  • MIS Training Institute

    Auditing Insurance And Insolvency ii

    MIS Training Institute

    This is a 3 day training course for developing and enhancing the role of internal audit under solvency ii.

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  • MIS Training Institute

    Fraud Audit School

    MIS Training Institute

    This 4 day course is designed to provide you with a thorough understanding of the types of fraud taking place in todays business environment and the techniques you need to build... Read more

  • MIS Training Institute

    The Internal Auditors Role In Preventing Fraud

    MIS Training Institute

    This is a 3 day course for internal auditors to discover their role in preventing fraud within their organisation.

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  • Working Voices Ltd

    Advanced Influencing Skills

    Working Voices Ltd

    This course is for anybody who has to regularly influence a range of people; from client to colleague; from junior to senior. In Advanced Influencing we look at the mechanics of how to... Read more

  • In-Trac Training & Consultancy Ltd


    In-Trac Training & Consultancy Ltd

    This course will contribute to organisations up-skilling staff to be able to deliver a style of supervision that takes into account emotional impact and interpersonal skills.

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  • Financial Analysis For SMEs, Corporate Bankers & Business Clients

    We take the participants through the basic financial statements, working up to advanced financial analysis and investment analysis, with emphasis on the difference and key indicators. Read more

  • EuroFinance

    Summer School


    Summer School is EuroFinances most comprehensive training course to date; and covers everything you need to know about international treasury and cash management in a 10-day programme. Read more

  • International Academy of Business and Financial Management

    Certified Human Resources Manager (CHRM)

    International Academy of Business and Financial Management

    This training programme will guide you to develop and implement best practice in your organisation. You will ensure that your employment contracts and HR manuals meet your business... Read more

  • PPL Training Ltd

    Legionella Awareness for Small Hotels; Guest Houses and B&Bs

    PPL Training Ltd

    A 1 hour video-based e-learning programme designed to provide owners of small hotels and B&B's the knowledge on how to successfully protect their property from legionella and... Read more

  • PPL Training Ltd

    Writing for Business

    PPL Training Ltd

    A 1 day training course to enhance business writing skills.

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  • AT&F Solutions Ltd

    Data Protection

    AT&F Solutions Ltd

    This course has been designed for employees handling data in any type of organisation. Its aim is to provide you with guidance on what kind of data needs to be protected and introduce... Read more

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