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Corporate Training Courses

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Corporate Training CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • GoSkills Ltd

    Power BI

    GoSkills Ltd

    Make your data come to life with beautiful; interactive reports in Power BI. In this online course; you will learn how to use Power BI’s analytics tools to transform dull data... Read more

  • The National Training Academy

    Drug and Alcohol Awareness

    The National Training Academy

    The definition of a drug is a substance that alters the way in which the body or mind works. This term applies to alcohol and drugs controlled under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971; the... Read more

  • The National Training Academy

    Time Management

    The National Training Academy

    Many people feel overwhelmed by all the demands; distractions and interruptions of the working day. Time management is an important skill to have in the modern workplace. Do you ever... Read more

  • Quality Services International

    Level 1 Food Safety and HACCP

    Quality Services International

    This course provides an introduction and a foundation into Food Safety and HACCP. It is vital for anyone working in a food environment that they have a clear understanding of personal... Read more

  • IPFA

    IPFA South Africa: Johannesburg: When the Well Runs Dry - A Constructive Discussion on Water Security


    Water security is a key risk facing all South Africans and is not limited to those living in the Western Cape. Reliable sources predict that with the influence of droughts and floods... Read more

  • Maguire Training

    Clinical Governance and Audit

    Maguire Training

    It is vitally important for doctors that they understand; practice and be confident in the building of skills to undertake regular clinical and service audits. They must also have a... Read more

  • Maguire Training

    Customer Service Excellence

    Maguire Training

    Delegates will learn how to provide outstanding customer service. The result will be renewed vigour for putting the client first and providing a world-class customer service with any... Read more

  • Maguire Training

    Customer Service for Healthcare

    Maguire Training

    Like all industries; the product here is the quality of the patient centred care. Patient care starts with the first encounter that the patient has with the health care facility staff;... Read more

  • Maguire Training


    Maguire Training

    Mindfulness is about being in the present; shifting our focus of attention to what is happening in this very moment; noticing our thoughts; feelings and anything else we might not... Read more

  • Maguire Training

    Time Task and Planning Skills

    Maguire Training

    The delegate will learn how to manage time more effectively as well as plan and prioritise to greater effect.

    Read more
  • Nina & Pinta

    Corporate Travel Booker Workshop

    Nina & Pinta

    This is a workshop for Corporate Travel Bookers who need to gain a better understanding of the Corporate Travel Industry as a whole; in order to be more effective in their positions as... Read more

  • In-Trac Training & Consultancy Ltd

    Putting Analysis into Assessment

    In-Trac Training & Consultancy Ltd

    Undertaking complex assessments is an essential social work skill. Robust; holistic assessment and clear analysis are the basis for all social work interventions. This 2 day programme... Read more

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