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Business CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • The School of Life


    The School of Life

    The Confidence class will consider the challenges and benefits of feeling confident and appearing confident at work and in life. One shall learn about the “inner voices” that guide... Read more

  • The School of Life


    The School of Life

    The class on Diplomacy will explore how we might “import energy” from other areas of our lives into conflicts at work. One will learn to identify different conflict styles in others... Read more

  • The School of Life


    The School of Life

    The Eloquence class will explore strategies for overcoming anxiety and self-consciousness during public presentations. One shall learn how to overcome the most common barriers to... Read more

  • Cowry Consulting

    Introduction to Behavioural Economics

    Cowry Consulting

    An interactive; insightful and educational Introduction to Behavioural Economics. The course will provide an introduction to the C Factors – the most important subconscious... Read more

  • The School of Life


    The School of Life

    It’s one thing to have a good idea and another thing to put that idea into practice. In this session; we think about what to do once a good idea has struck; from the first prototype... Read more

  • The School of Life


    The School of Life

    Day-to-day work can all too easily make us feel bored or burnt out. For many of us; this is when we start fantasising about changing careers. But what we most often need is to feel... Read more

  • The School of Life


    The School of Life

    Too often we think of play as something reserved for children; or worse; for the lazy; idle; and irresponsible. But playfulness is serious business. It helps us connect to one another... Read more

  • The School of Life


    The School of Life

    Emotions can sometimes blur our vision. To make good decisions and work well with others; we need to be able to separate the way we feel about the world from the way it actually is. Read more

  • The School of Life


    The School of Life

    Feeling and demonstrating empathy is tied to better performance at work; and especially to better leadership. Empathy is also crucial for customer service – research shows that for... Read more

  • The School of Life


    The School of Life

    Supporting others and listening carefully (but not uncritically) to their signs of distress allows us to give them the best advice on how to approach their challenges. The skill of... Read more

  • Bioregional Development Group

    One Planet Integrator Training

    Bioregional Development Group

    One Planet Living is our vision of the world where everyone; everywhere can live happy; healthy lives within the limits of our planet; leaving space for wildlife and wilderness. Using... Read more

  • Gaia Education

    SDG Multipliers Handbook

    Gaia Education

    SDGs Training for Multipliers is designed to build the capacity of facilitators and multipliers of the vitally important conversation about how to implement the 17 SDGs and their 169... Read more

More information about Business

The business sector is a vast field covering an array of both general and specialist areas of expertise and skills. New technologies and the growth of the digital environment, changes in working practice, the perspective of consumer demand and customer service, as well as the ongoing advancement of globalisation, creates new dynamic challenges for the entire business community and the managers & business professionals working within the sector.

As the business sector naturally evolves, as will the need for high skilled business managers & leaders with the skillsets to steer their industry’s forward. However, with this also comes the increase in competition for job roles and functions, and the need for upskilling, practical experienced-based training & education.

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