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Business Sub-Sectors

Business CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Learning Pool

    GDPR Module 5: Apply your knowledge

    Learning Pool

    An opportunity for the learner to test everything they have learned with some scenario based questions about GDPR.

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  • The National Children's Bureau (NCB)

    Gender matters: Gender identity gender equality and trans-inclusion eLearning

    The National Children's Bureau (NCB)

    The course is designed to support schools to address sexual bullying and promote trans inclusion which both form part of a whole school approach to tackling homophobic bi-phobic and... Read more

  • I.S.C. SRL

    AEDP: Undoing Aloneness & The Transformation of Emotional Suffering

    I.S.C. SRL

    Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP) is a transformational and healing-oriented – rather than psychopathology based – model of therapy founded by Diana Fosha; Ph.D. Read more

  • Knowledge Train

    AgilePM Foundation & Practitioner

    Knowledge Train

    This accredited Agile Project Management Foundation & Practitioner training course offers students accreditation in the world’s first Agile Project Management qualifications –... Read more

  • Knowledge Train

    Introduction to Project Management

    Knowledge Train

    This project management course will teach you the basic techniques used by project managers. Packed with tools and techniques you can apply tomorrow; no prior knowledge is needed. Learn... Read more

  • Knowledge Train

    Project Management Fundamentals

    Knowledge Train

    This project management course provides you with the basic tools and techniques used by project managers today. Packed with tools and techniques you can apply tomorrow; no prior... Read more

  • flick learning

    Financial Crime

    flick learning

    A level-2 Financial Crime course that provides learners with a thorough understanding of the forms of financial crime; including bribery; money laundering; and terrorist financing. The... Read more

  • flick learning

    The GDPR Made Simple

    flick learning

    A level-2 GDPR course that provides learners with a thorough understanding of everything from the basics of data protection to specifics such as understanding how to protect sensitive... Read more

  • flick learning

    Safer Recruitment

    flick learning

    A level-2 Safer Recruitment course that provides learners with a thorough understanding of what safer recruitment is; why it is so important; and guidance for every step along the... Read more

  • Newgate Communications

    Communications – reputation and crisis communication and constructions communications

    Newgate Communications

    How to manage your corporate reputation in good times and in a crisis. How to manage construction communications.

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  • Acheta Consulting

    Essential Pest Awareness

    Acheta Consulting

    Designed for those involved with the safe storage and production of food; this entry level course aims to impart the key facts concerning those pests that may present a threat to food... Read more

  • Acheta Consulting

    Bedbug Awareness

    Acheta Consulting

    Hotels are in the front line of the battle with bed bugs. Housekeeping staff; the eyes and ears of a hotel; are best placed to spot signs of infestation. Housekeeping may also be in the... Read more

More information about Business

The business sector is a vast field covering an array of both general and specialist areas of expertise and skills. New technologies and the growth of the digital environment, changes in working practice, the perspective of consumer demand and customer service, as well as the ongoing advancement of globalisation, creates new dynamic challenges for the entire business community and the managers & business professionals working within the sector.

As the business sector naturally evolves, as will the need for high skilled business managers & leaders with the skillsets to steer their industry’s forward. However, with this also comes the increase in competition for job roles and functions, and the need for upskilling, practical experienced-based training & education.

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