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Architecture CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Dinak UK

    Principles; Regulations and Evolution of Chimneys

    Dinak UK

    Presentation and training session introducing the principles of how chimney and flue systems work. The different types of systems; their applications and the regulations governing... Read more

  • Protectit SP

    Conservation & Protective Systems & Devices for the Built Environment

    Protectit SP

    We specialise in complimentary systems; devices and products designed to clean; conserve and protect structures; assets and materials. Our expertise is in the areas of Breathable... Read more

  • Geobear

    A New Approach to Subsidence & Slab lifting: Ground Improvement Rather Than Piling or Underpinning


    Seminar discusses the methodology relating to polymer injection systems to re-level & stabilise concrete slabs and deep injection soil stabilisation for domestic and industrial... Read more

  • PEFC UK Limited

    Responsible Timber Sourcing

    PEFC UK Limited

    Engineered timber such as CLT and Glulam is increasingly being used for building structures alongside traditional timber components such as doors and windows. Ensuring the timber used... Read more

  • Red Engineering Design Ltd

    An overview of BREEAM New Construction 2018

    Red Engineering Design Ltd

    This presentation is a practical overview of the various aspects of BREEAM together with the key elements and requirements of BREEAM assessments for various building types.

    Read more
  • BlueBeam

    Collaborating with Project Partners using Bluebeam Revu


    The aim of this training is to: Discover how Bluebeam Revu enables project partners to use universally accessible PDFs to streamline collaboration; Learn how to collaborate on files in... Read more

  • BlueBeam

    Bluebeam Certified Instructor Training: Revu Basics


    Employee adoption; efficient and consistent training delivery across your organization; and the high cost of training development are but a few of the challenges facing your... Read more

  • BlueBeam

    Building Project Dashboards in Revu (2018)


    Building Project Dashboards in Revu will answer the questions you have on one of the emerging trends in construction document management. If you’ve ever struggled with sharing... Read more

  • BlueBeam

    Drawing Management (2018)


    If you find yourself shuffling document pages; separating them into individual files; linking out to spec sheets or constantly comparing revisions; Drawing Management will show you... Read more

  • BlueBeam

    Field Issues (2018)


    Dealing with issues in the field is a key part of delivering a quality product to a client. Identifying all of the issues that arise; managing the associated data; and making sure the... Read more

  • BlueBeam

    Measurements; Takeoffs; & Estimation (2018)


    Accuracy and efficiency. That’s what wins projects for your organization when it comes to preparing bids. Revu has all of the tools you need to take accurate measurements and use... Read more

  • BlueBeam

    Revu Basics 2018


    You need to make sure you have the necessary skills to use Revu to make sure you are streamlining your workflows. This is the place to start. In this eight-hour online course; you will... Read more

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