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Building Environment Courses

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Building Environment CPD Courses and Workshops Available


    Legionella/Water Quality Risk Management – Usage Evaluation & Flushing


    This course is specifically geared to allow the candidate to develop an appreciation of the requirements of the Legionella and Pseudomonas Management and Control Programme employed by... Read more


    Legionella/Water Quality Risk Management – Departmental Management Responsibilities


    This course provides the candidates with the required knowledge of all relevant legislation, guidance and Best-Practice requirements, for their specific departments remit, to ensure... Read more


    Legionella/Water Quality Risk Management – Responsible Persons' Refresher


    This is a one-day refresher course for individuals who have attended the full 3-day Legionella Risk Management – Responsible Persons’ Training (ILM Development Programme... Read more


    Legionella/Water Quality Risk Management - Sample Collection Methodology


    This course provides advice on how to select and collect water samples for bacteriological analysis in a correct, proper and accurate manner, as described in the various pertinent... Read more

  • Salford Professional Development

    Suicide Prevention Training

    Salford Professional Development

    Suicide has a devastating impact on those left behind; family; friends and colleagues are left bereft and often never know what triggered the completed Suicide. Our one day training... Read more

  • Hydro-X

    WEB-HXT01 Legionella Awareness


    This course has been designed for those involved in water system hygiene control (whatever their input) or users or water systems that can become exposed to aerosol created from them. Read more

  • Ideal

    Commercial Boiler Heat Exchangers. A Review of Heat Exchanger Materials.


    This seminar looks at the history of boiler heat exchanger materials; why choosing the correct heat exchanger material is important; the performance and characteristics of Aluminium and... Read more

  • Quidos

    Asbestos Awareness


    Aimed at workers who may at some point come in contact with asbestos. This module is the perfect training for an in-depth understanding of asbestos. This online course can also be taken... Read more

  • Honeywell Building Solutions

    Cyber Security - Advanced Topics

    Honeywell Building Solutions

    A close look at how users, malicious software and professional hackers attack the IT infrastructure. Ways of mitigating these attacks are covered in detail focussing on building systems... Read more

  • Speller Metcalfe

    Site Environmental Awareness Training (SEAT)

    Speller Metcalfe

    The Site Environmental Awareness Training Scheme (SEATS) is designed for Site Supervisors and Site Managers and aims to enable them to understand the environmental impacts of... Read more

  • Salford Professional Development

    Managing Medical Errors - An Overview of the Law Relating to Negligence and Consent to Treatment

    Salford Professional Development

    The NHS aims to prevent clinical negligence; but where it does occur; we should learn lessons to improve patient care as a result. We need to provide incentives for healthcare... Read more

  • National Energy Action

    Fuel Poverty; Health and Getting the Best Energy Deal

    National Energy Action

    This course will provide frontline staff and volunteers with an overview of fuel poverty and how the householder can get the best possible energy deal in terms of tariff; payment option... Read more

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