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Building Services Courses

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Building Services CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • RVT Group

    Effective Dust Control

    RVT Group

    A brief introduction to effective dust control on construction sites; including an explanation of the hazard control principles; Capture; Contain and Control. HSE Statistics are used to... Read more

  • Mitsubishi Electric

    Mitsubishi Electric Guide to Modular Chillers

    Mitsubishi Electric

    This Mitsubishi Electric Guide focuses on modular chiller technologies; as these are often at the heart of cooling and heating systems in buildings.

    Read more
  • 3 common design manager mistakes

    James Biggs

    This workshop will explore the history; role; value and definition of a design manager from a contractors perspective; before discussing three common mistakes and how to avoid them.

    Read more
  • Managing Change Effectively

    James Biggs

    Ineffective change management can bring about major disruption and cost to any project. This workshop will cover the fundamentals of effective change management in the design process;... Read more

  • Sapphire Balconies Limited

    Balcony Fires: Learn from the past; an approach to the future

    Sapphire Balconies Limited

    Fire presentation that purely looks at current case studies of a few recent fires that have happened this year; explores common causes and how these can be designed out. It also gives... Read more

  • Aquatherm U.K. Ltd

    Plastic Piping Systems in the Building Services Industry

    Aquatherm U.K. Ltd

    Plastic Piping Systems in the Building Services Industry. Seminar provides an introduction to plastic pipe materials and their applications. The seminar answers practical questions on... Read more

  • ABB

    Energy Appraisal Hands On Training Course (G005C).


    2 day classroom course with practical exercises on Energy appraising using Variable Speed Drives. Training course describes how a variable speed drive operates to allow it to save... Read more

  • ABB

    Overview Of How VSDs Help Save Energy In The HVAC Industry.


    Seminar provides an explanation of how variable speed drives can be used to save up to 50% of the energy in a typical HVAC application. Provides guidance on the applications to look out... Read more

  • ABB

    ACH550 HVAC Drive - Start-Up - Maintenance And Service Hands-On Training


    A full day training course on how to install; start-up; adjust; operate and maintain the ACH550 drive. Includes basic troubleshooting and repairs.

    This course is intended to... Read more

  • ABB

    Introduction to drives and motors


    Basic operation of an induction motor; compared to other stating methods. Also the introduction of energy saving as a concept and harmonics and there effects.

    This course is... Read more

  • ABB

    Introduction to Harmonics


    To raise awareness of harmonics; where harmonics come from; the problems they cause and the solutions that can be offered.

    This course is intended to be lunch and learn session... Read more

  • ABB

    Introduction to SynRM and EU MEPs


    To raise awareness of SynRM motor technology; its benefits compared to other technologies; the new EU MEPs rules; and how they will effect motor purchasing in the future.

    This... Read more

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