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Building Services CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Sapa Pole Products

    The Principles of Passive Safety

    Sapa Pole Products

    This presentation will show the statistics of single vehicle collisions with road side structures and the associated cost to the tax payer. It looks at the current standards relating to... Read more

  • Star Refrigeration Group

    Improving Energy Efficiency of Cooling Systems

    Star Refrigeration Group

    How to reduce your energy bill and prove to stakeholders that your business is taking action in accordance with climate change targets. According to research done by the Carbon Trust... Read more

  • tuffbau - Steintec

    SuDS and Permeable Pavements

    tuffbau - Steintec

    The CPD provides an overview of the SuDS concept; the continuing need for its adoption in future development and construction. The concept of the permeable pavement; a component of SuDS... Read more

  • Legrand Electric Ltd

    Optimising the “Last Mile” of Data Centre Electrical Distribution - Unique challenges in critical environments downstream of the panel distribution board

    Legrand Electric Ltd

    This presentation aims to familiarise datacenter consultants; engineers; and architects with some common example issues found during actual engagements that we have found in our... Read more

  • CP Electronics

    DALI and Applications

    CP Electronics

    To understand how to choose the right application for a DALI installation. To also understand the differences between DALI Addressable and DALI Broadcast.

    Read more
  • All Foundations UK

    Level Innovative Slab Solutions

    All Foundations UK

    An interactive presentation as to how new methods of foundations can reduce costs and environmental impacts.

    Read more
  • Star Refrigeration Group

    Plant Reliability: Regular Maintenance and Aftercare - what's the cost?

    Star Refrigeration Group

    Refrigeration is vital to the survival; safety and continued operation of businesses. More often than not; refrigeration is neglected and relegated to the bottom of the list of... Read more

  • Synapsys Solutions

    Guide to Data Acquisition

    Synapsys Solutions

    The aim of this presentation is to help you understand the issue of data acquisition. It will explain why we cannot simply rely on a Building Management System (BMS) to operate a... Read more

  • Schneider Electric Ltd

    Understanding fire ratings for Busbar

    Schneider Electric Ltd

    This seminar is designed to overview fire ratings of products within Commercial and Industrial Buildings.

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  • Ideal

    Commercial Boiler Heat Exchangers. A Review of Heat Exchanger Materials.


    This seminar looks at the history of boiler heat exchanger materials; why choosing the correct heat exchanger material is important; the performance and characteristics of Aluminium and... Read more

  • Grundfos Pumps Ltd

    Building in Fire Protection

    Grundfos Pumps Ltd

    The whole topic of fire protection has become an important focus that is of real interest to both within and outside the industry. Pump solutions play a very important role in... Read more

  • Synapsys Solutions

    Guide to the role of an Energy Management System

    Synapsys Solutions

    The aim of this presentation is to outline the role of an Energy Management System; or EMS in its abbreviated form. It will help you to understand how the EMS uses data collected... Read more

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